Abdominal tenderness

Symptoms of Abdominal tenderness

The following features are indicative of Abdominal tenderness:
  • pain in belly area (abdomen)
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • fainting
  • vomiting
  • fever

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Common Causes of Abdominal tenderness

The following are the most common causes of Abdominal tenderness:
  • abdominal abscess
  • meckel diverticulum
  • ovarian torsion (twisted fallopian tube)

Risk Factors for Abdominal tenderness

The following factors may increase the likelihood of Abdominal tenderness:
  • appendicitis
  • hernias

Prevention of Abdominal tenderness

Yes, it may be possible to prevent Abdominal tenderness.

Occurrence of Abdominal tenderness

Common Age Group

Abdominal tenderness can occur at any age.

Common Gender

Abdominal tenderness can occur in any gender.

Lab Tests and Procedures for Diagnosis of Abdominal tenderness

The following lab tests and procedures are used to detect Abdominal tenderness:
  • Abdominal X-ray: To look at organs and structures in the abdomen
  • Abdominal CT scan (Computed tomography): To determine the cause of unexplained pain
  • Blood Test: Such as complete blood count to measure the concentration of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets in the blood

Complications of Abdominal tenderness if untreated

Yes, Abdominal tenderness causes complications if it is not treated. Below is the list of complications and problems that may arise if Abdominal tenderness is left untreated:
  • peritonitis

Procedures for Treatment of Abdominal tenderness

The following procedures are used to treat Abdominal tenderness:
  • Exploratory laparotomy: The abdominal organs examined for injury or disease
  • Appendectomy: Surgery to remove the appendix

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