Paralysis of the muscles of the stomach wall resulting in delayed emptying of the gastric contents into the small intestine

Symptoms of Gastroparesis

The following features are indicative of Gastroparesis:
  • abdominal distention
  • hypoglycemia
  • premature abdominal fullness after meals
  • nausea
  • weight loss
  • vomiting
  • abdominal pain

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Common Causes of Gastroparesis

The following are the most common causes of Gastroparesis:
  • disruption of nerve signals to the stomach
  • diabetes
  • abnormal eating patterns
  • autonomic neuropathy
  • scleroderma
  • Ehlers–Danlos syndrome

Other Causes of Gastroparesis

The following are the less common causes of Gastroparesis:
  • Parkinson's disease
  • abdominal surgery
  • heavy cigarette smoking
  • gastroenteritis
  • mononucleosis

Risk Factors for Gastroparesis

The following factors may increase the likelihood of Gastroparesis:
  • diabetes
  • abdominal or esophageal surgery
  • viral infection
  • narcotic pain medications
  • scleroderma
  • Parkinson's disease
  • multiple sclerosis
  • hypothyroidism

Prevention of Gastroparesis

Yes, it may be possible to prevent Gastroparesis. Prevention may be possible by doing the following:
  • eat and drink slowly
  • avoid carbonated drinks and beer
  • skip the gum and hard candy
  • don't smoke
  • check dentures
  • treat heartburn
  • eat fewer fatty foods
  • temporarily cut back on high-fiber foods

Occurrence of Gastroparesis

Number of Cases

The following are the number of Gastroparesis cases seen each year worldwide:
  • Very common > 10 Million cases

Common Age Group

Gastroparesis can occur at any age.

Common Gender

Gastroparesis can occur in any gender.

Lab Tests and Procedures for Diagnosis of Gastroparesis

The following lab tests and procedures are used to detect Gastroparesis:
  • Gastric emptying study: To diagnose the gastroparesis
  • Upper gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy: To visually examine the upper digestive system
  • Ultrasound: To produce images of structures within the body
  • Upper gastrointestinal series: To see the abnormalities in abdomen

Doctor for Diagnosis of Gastroparesis

Patients should visit the following specialists if they have symptoms of Gastroparesis:
  • Gastroenterologist

Complications of Gastroparesis if untreated

Yes, Gastroparesis causes complications if it is not treated. Below is the list of complications and problems that may arise if Gastroparesis is left untreated:
  • severe dehydration
  • malnutrition
  • undigested food that hardens and remains in the stomach
  • unpredictable blood sugar change
  • decreased quality of life

Procedures for Treatment of Gastroparesis

The following procedures are used to treat Gastroparesis:
  • Surgery: To relieve pressure from gastric contents
  • Gastric electrical stimulation and pacing: To stimulate stomach muscles to move food more efficiently

Self-care for Gastroparesis

The following self-care actions or lifestyle changes may help in the treatment or management of Gastroparesis:
  • Exercise: Regular exercise help relieving symptoms
  • Stop smoking: Smoking increases the risk of gastroparesis

Alternative Medicine for Treatment of Gastroparesis

The following alternate medicine and therapies are known to help in the treatment or management of Gastroparesis:
  • Acupuncture and electroacupuncture: Help treat pain and balancing the flow of energy
  • STW 5 (Iberogast): Help speed up gastric emptying
  • Rikkunshito: Help reduce abdominal pain and the feeling of post-meal fullness
  • Cannabis: Help easing nausea and other digestive complaints

Time for Treatment of Gastroparesis

While time-period of treatment for each patient may vary, below is the typical time-period for Gastroparesis to resolve if treated properly under an expert supervision:
  • In 1 - 3 months

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