Von Hippel-Lindau Disease

Also called: VHL

Von Hippel-Lindau disease (VHL) is a rare, genetic disease that causes tumors and cysts to grow in your body. The tumors can be either cancerous or benign. They can grow in your brain and spinal cord, kidneys, pancreas and, in men, their genital tract. Symptoms of VHL vary and depend on the size and location of the tumors. They may include headaches, problems with balance and walking, dizziness, weakness of the limbs, vision problems and high blood pressure.

Detecting and treating VHL early is important. Treatment usually involves surgery or sometimes radiation therapy. The goal is to treat growths while they are small and before they do permanent damage.

NIH: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Symptoms of Von Hippel-Lindau Disease

The following features are indicative of Von Hippel-Lindau Disease:
  • headaches
  • problems with balance and walking
  • dizziness
  • weakness of the limbs
  • vision problems
  • high blood pressure
It is possible that Von Hippel-Lindau Disease shows no physical symptoms and still is present in a patient.

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Common Causes of Von Hippel-Lindau Disease

The following are the most common causes of Von Hippel-Lindau Disease:
  • mutation in the von Hippel–Lindau tumor suppressor gene

Risk Factors for Von Hippel-Lindau Disease

The following factors may increase the likelihood of Von Hippel-Lindau Disease:
  • family history

Prevention of Von Hippel-Lindau Disease

No, it is not possible to prevent Von Hippel-Lindau Disease.
  • genetic factors

Occurrence of Von Hippel-Lindau Disease

Number of Cases

The following are the number of Von Hippel-Lindau Disease cases seen each year worldwide:
  • Rare between 10K - 50K cases

Common Age Group

Von Hippel-Lindau Disease most commonly occurs in the following age group:
  • Aged > 60 years

Common Gender

Von Hippel-Lindau Disease can occur in any gender.

Lab Tests and Procedures for Diagnosis of Von Hippel-Lindau Disease

The following lab tests and procedures are used to detect Von Hippel-Lindau Disease:
  • Southern blotting: To analyse DNA and identify mutations
  • Gene sequencing: To analyse DNA and identify mutations

Doctor for Diagnosis of Von Hippel-Lindau Disease

Patients should visit the following specialists if they have symptoms of Von Hippel-Lindau Disease:
  • Medical geneticist

Complications of Von Hippel-Lindau Disease if untreated

It is not know if Von Hippel-Lindau Disease causes complications if left untreated.

Procedures for Treatment of Von Hippel-Lindau Disease

The following procedures are used to treat Von Hippel-Lindau Disease:
  • Radiofrequency ablation(RFA): Removal of smaller tumors

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